Empowered Communications

Decentralized mobile network over a carrier-grade blockchain.

Hybrid Model

The Karrier One permission model is a hybrid model, obtaining the efficiency of a permissioned protocol while offering many of the benefits of a decentralized PoS protocol.


The Karrier One protocol will utilize the Citizens Broadband Radio Service to deliver real mobile connectivity and usage to users. Using CBRS Karrier One will be able to provide traditional mobile services and plans to users in The United States.


Karrier One Protocol will run a proof of concept with BAND53, providing mobile connectivity and usage to users globally. Using BAND53 Karrier One will be able to provide traditional mobile services and plans to users almost anywhere in the world.

Fiat Payment

Network services paid for using the same existing method and infrastructure that users are accustomed to with local currency such as prepaid vouchers and etop-ups through local stores.

Built on Polygon

Why Polygon?

After initially setting out to decentralize and liberalize the telecom industry, it quickly became apparent that the rigors of telecom architectures might just be the missing link required for establishing the next generation of mature, business-ready public ledgers.


Building out telecom can consume a decent amount of energy. As a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, Polygon consumes significantly less energy than proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This can be a major advantage for developers who are concerned about the environmental impact of blockchain technology.


Polygon solves the issue of high gas fees and slow speeds, while still implementing premium security. Building on Polygon sidechain allows for transactions within the Karrier One eco-system to happen fast and cheap.


Polygon has a growing ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols that can support token development and adoption. This can provide a strong foundation for a new token to gain traction and grow its user base.


Polygon is designed to be interoperable with other blockchain networks, including Ethereum. This means that tokens built on Polygon can be easily transferred to and from other networks, which can increase liquidity and ease of use. Polygon skEVM is the first open-source zkProver that provides complete EVM opcode equivalence and the security of Ethereum.

What's Special?

Licensed Spectrum

The Karrier One Protocol will allow licensed spectrum holders to monetize their spectrum usage. Licensed spectrum holders will be able to use the Karrier One Protocol to provide mobile connectivity and usage to users globally

What's special?

Karrier OneMobile
Distributed 5G Wireless Network

We set out to establish the first commercial grade, community-owned 5G network infrastructure in the world, that will be able to service other carriers as well as its own private user base.

  • Cell service & internet access with native token staking mechanics (KONE)
  • Powered by community-owned 5G wireless small cells (Karrier Gateways)
  • Gateway operators (Gatekeepers) earn rewards by providing mobile coverage and sharing their internet connection
  • Radio spectrum owners monetize unused capacities through 5G spectrum sharing
  • Landlords create new revenue streams by providing access to key rooftop real estate
What's special?

Karrier One TimeKeep
Decentralised Network Time Service

Authoritative, trustable timestamping provider enabling the Karrier One transaction ordering algorithm.

  • A distributed service that runs alongside Karrier Gateways and blockchain validators.
  • TimeKeep contributors and relays are free to run, either in standalone mode or combined with a blockchain validator.
  • Grants remote & on-premise high precision timing protocol access (NTP, PTP) for Karrier Gatekeepers
Operator Nodes

Interface with legacy telecommunications networks and handle the protocol translations, media transcoding and process the routing of traffic to these networks

Gatekeeper Nodes

Users set up equipment and provide coverage and network access to users in exchange for KONE and Fiat Payments.

Foundational Nodes

Provide authentication, identity, blockchain, internode communication, telecommunications services.

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