Empowered Communications

Decentralized mobile network over a carrier-grade blockchain.

Decentralized Mobile Network

We are building a community-owned 5G wireless infrastructure with global reach, where traditional billing & authentication protocols are replaced by blockchain.

Blockchain-Enabled eSIMs

Karrier One eSIMs will come preloaded with blockchain connectivity and a military-grade private key vault, effectively acting as fully capable blockchain wallets.

Staking-Based Service Access

Both blockchain transaction fees and mobile service charges can be settled simply by staking native tokens for lengths of time directly proportional to usage.

Time-Ordered Transactions

The Timekeep parallel timestamp ticketing service enforces transaction ordering in blocks by time, increasing processing speeds and eliminating MEV opportunities.

Another blockchain?

Key Features

After initially setting out to decentralize and liberalize the telecom industry, it quickly became apparent that the rigors of telecom architectures might just be the missing link required for establishing the next generation of mature, business-ready public ledgers.


The multiple improvements that Spekturm integrates leverage one another to achieve very high throughput rates and immediate transaction finality.


Transaction fees are effectively 0 on the public shards and dedicated shards employing proprietary consensus can set their own gas prices.


The Karrier One engineering team has decades of experience deploying and maintaining telecom critical infrastructure and 99.999% SLA fulfillment.


The PPoS consensus model improves over already widely used methods, maximizing throughput and enhancing security in public environments.

What's Special?

Mobile Network Carrier over a Carrier-Grade Blockchain

The Karrier One blockchain construct delivers substantial improvements in performance, stability under load and scalability in comparison to other layer 1 architectures and their scaling solutions, while also addressing critical security issues, making it a suitable host for uptime-dependent and computationally intensive use cases.

What's special?

Karrier OneMobile
Distributed 5G Wireless Network

We set out to establish the first commercial grade, community-owned 5G network infrastructure in the world, that will be able to service other carriers as well as its own private user base.

  • Cell service & internet access through native token staking mechanics (KONE)
  • Powered by community-owned 5G wireless small cells (Karrier Gateways)
  • Gateway operators (Gatekeepers) earn rewards by providing mobile coverage and sharing their internet connection
  • Radio spectrum owners monetize unused capacities through 5G spectrum sharing
  • Landlords create new revenue streams by providing access to key rooftop real estate
What's special?

Karrier One TimeKeep
Decentralised Network Time Service

Authoritative, trustable timestamping provider enabling the Karrier One transaction ordering algorithm.

  • A distributed service that runs alongside Karrier Gateways and blockchain validators.
  • TimeKeep contributors and relays are free to run, either in standalone mode or combined with a blockchain validator.
  • Grants remote & on-premise high precision timing protocol access (NTP, PTP) for Karrier Gatekeepers
Karrier Wireless Gateway

5G wireless small cell radio unit. Grants network coverage for Karrier Mobile users. Requires stable internet connection.
Earns variable revenue, based on cell usage and service quality.

TimeKeep Master Contributor

Stratum 1 time protocol server that disseminate GPS atomic time across the TimeKeep network. Provider of tx timestamping tickets. Helps ensure fair time-based transaction ordering withing blocks.

Karrier Chain Validator

Blockchain client node that has pledged ("staked") KONE native tokens in order to participate in the Validators Assembly and become a proposer and verifier of new blocks. Earns interest on staked tokens.

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