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Telecom & web3, together at last

High-quality, people-powered connectivity is here. Join us and get rewarded for bringing it to the world.

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Karrier One Mobile


More than just a crypto project, we’re a genuine telecom provider with carrier-grade infrastructure. Plus, we’re partnered with mobile carriers to ensure widespread coverage with future-proof data capabilities, including 5G.

Karrier One KNS


Keep it simple and secure with one virtual mobile number for all your web3 notifications, payments, logins, permissions, and more.

Karrier One DAO


Vote, earn, and rest assured that no single company, small group of developers, or node operators has undue influence or control over the network.

Powering the future of DeWi

Hello World…?

Over ⅓ of the world is living without connection.

Remote communities and densifying cities are growing without guaranteed access to reliable connectivity. What’s more, telecom infrastructures have no sustainable way of deploying 5G networks, leaving its powerful capabilities underutilized. But we found a win-win answer.

One Chain to connect it all

With a community-driven infrastructure, we’re uniting telecom and web3 to create a truly decentralized network capable of covering every corner of the world.

  1. 1

    Users commit tokens to receive voting tickets in the KONE DAO, allowing them to participate in proposal voting and earn tokens.

  2. 2

    The KONE DAO assures no single company, small group of developers, or node operators has undue influence or control over the network.

  3. 3

    Ticket holders are incentivized to vote for the approval or rejection of proposals in a manner most likely to increase the long-term value of the Karrier One Chain network.

  4. 4

    At scale, we anticipate thousands of public nodes joining to support the network’s decentralized consensus and growth.

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Blockchain powers
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Worldwide connectivity

With a Karrier One SIM, you’ll get unfailing global connectivity for a fraction of standard costs.

Send and receive crypto

Register your own number onto the blockchain ecosystem, or get a new one for specific purposes. The Karrier One KNS (Karrier Number System) keeps it easy.

Create your own network

Bring dead zones to life anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in a remote community or working site, our radios and SIM cards can be activated on the go with minimal effort.

Call or text off the map

Connect securely however and wherever. Our decentralized network works with solutions like Starlink and OneWeb to deliver carrier-grade connectivity anywhere in the world.

Build the future of wireless

Play your part in bringing connectivity to the world.



Help build out the network and Earn KONE tokens by operating our radio Gateways as a Gatekeeper Node.



Contribute to the network as a mobile user. Connect your phone to Karrier One and get carrier-grade service for a fraction of standard rates.



Play a part in tomorrow’s wireless network. Token owners get a say on the KONE DAO—and get rewarded for doing so.

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Take your place in the forever network. Take your place in the forever network.

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